About Rio Locos

We're not one of the biggest raft companies in Costa Rica, but we are the friendliest, specializing in personalized service. We can customize your trip to include options such as bird watching, hiking to waterfalls, camping, delicious lunch buffet, including vegetarian foods, photography, swimming, and more. At our new information and hospitality center just across the street from the Turrialba bus station, we have a nice clean bathroom and free wifi access for your computer.

We specialize in ecotourism, giving you a genuine and non-intrusive view of one of the greatest places on earth to spot native animals and plants in their pristine splendor. Let us help you discover the real Costa Rica most tourists never see.

Locos is family owned and operated by Lee and Leland Poundstone in Turrialba, Costa Rica, in Central America. Lee is a long-time resident of Turrialba, and has been involved with aquatic recreation and tourism for over 25 years, having lived in Central America and Mexico.