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GPS In Costa Rica

Some "high end" rental cars are equipped with GPS.

Many of our guests have GPS [apps] on their "Smart Phones"

Try these numbers to find our Office in Turrialba:



Loco's and Turrialba in Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet website ran a short article about Turrialba. They mention how the town decided to take a more laid-back lifestyle over a frantic  rush towards being a huge tourist area. We think it was a good decision!

In the guide book they also say some nice things about Loco's [all true]. also check out their "chat room" and "bulletin board" for recent comments about our rafting tours.

WiFi comes to Turrialba

All our guests can now enjoy high speed Internet access from our WiFi connections. Check your email, send photos to friends, and plan your vacation from our new information center and office across from the Turrialba bus station [open 2010]. Also we have lodging in our beautiful duplex right in town on the banks of the Rio Colorado. Also featuring wireless high speed internet. Two bedrooms, two baths, kitchen and a deck out back.


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