Loco's wild water excursions run two sections of the Pacuare, the most scenic of all tropical rivers, four sections on the world famous Reventazon River, and also on the beautiful/mellow Pejebaye river.

For your rafting or kayak adventure, we provide you with complete well maintained equipment and the most knowledgeable, friendliest and experienced bilingual guides on the rivers.

Rafting Trips

Loco's custom trips are usually small: 1 raft for a group of 6 friends; but we can accommodate up to 36 paddlers or more with advanced notice. Pick out a kayak and paddle along on our raft trips (previous experience required). Choose from Wave Sport, Dagger, Precpetion and Prijon kayaks.

Volcano Tours

Explore Volcano Turrialba one of the highest volcanoes in Central America. It is the only volcano in Costa Rica whose craters are accessible; more than a mile across and a thousand feet deep, it is of great interest to both scientists and tourists. We provide both hiking and horseback trips to this incredible pace of beauty.

The volcano is currently venting and semi-active, so acceess is limited or restricted at this time. Changes from day to day and week to week, and access is at the discretion of the rangers. Even if you can't decend into the volcano at times, you will be amazed by its beauty and majesty.

Other Adventures

We also offer a number of other kinds of activities for your pleasure, including:

  • Bird and animal watching hikes in the wild. Costa Rica is home to one of the world's largest assortments of exotic tropical birds, and is a favorite destination of naturalists and nature lovers.
  • Overnight camping trips on the beautiful Pacuare River.
  • Canyon exploring and rappelling adventures.
  • An insider's view of life in rural Costa Rica - see things the tourists never see, like beautiful old buildings, a real market experience, and other aspects of everyday life you won't see in the big cities.
  • Loco's "Boca" Tour (bar hopping) - a great way to meet locals and taste local culture (not to mention fine Costa Rican beers!)
  • Photo safaris - Lee is an accomplished photographer and knows some great shooting locations.
  • Mountain biking.
  • Practice your Spanish - we speak English, but would he happy to help you sharpen your skills in speaking Espanol in a real-world setting.
  • Language School in Turrialba at the Adventure Education Center school.
  • If you're interested in an extended stay, we can set you up with a furnished Apartment with kitchen and yard from Arroyo Rapido S.A..


We encourage you to make a reservation, to ensure you can get a tour at the time and date you'd like, because many of our trips sell out quickly.

We Aim to Please

Rio Locos wants you to enjoy your vacation and be free from worry. We can help arrange local accommodations for you at lovely small hotels and bed and breakfast spots, recommend restaurants specializing in delicious native cuisine, and help you get here on local transportaion. If kicking back is your style, be assured that we are also professionals at the fine art of relaxing.

Expect the kind of personalized service from us that is hard to find at resorts catering to the mainstream tourist industry. We understand the needs of our visitors, as well as the fun and beauty Costa Rica has to offer you. Let us be your inside connection to our friendly culture.

We will be glad to help you find experienced local guides, use our extensive local bus system, and do whatever else we can to help you enjoy a truly personalized adventure in our beautiful country.

Roster of Watercraft

Below is a list of the plastic watercraft available for our tours. They are all modern, safe vessels, and professionally maintained for your comfort and safety. You're sure to find something that matches your interests and abilities.

  • Two Dagger "Crossfire"
  • One Dagger "Response"
  • One Pyranha "Rotobat"
  • Two Perception "Whip it" [one is rigged for a small person {Leland}]
  • One Perception "Corsica" [one is a "Corsica S"]
  • One Perception Proline "Super Sport"
  • One New Wave "Mongoose"
  • One Dagger "AQ II"
  • One Dagger "Blast"
  • One Wave Sport "Micro X"
  • One Riot "Hammer"
  • Two Perception "Mr. Clean"
  • One Kendo "Eskimo"
  • One Dagger "Vertigo"
  • One Dagger "RPM"
  • One Wave Sport "Big EZ"
  • One Wave Sport "Ace"
  • One Prijon "Rocket"
  • One Prijon "Canyon T"
  • Inflatable Kayak: Hyside "Padillac" [one person]
  • One Ocoee kevlar open racing canoe "Team Edge"
  • One 1 person Sea Kayak: Necky "Santa Cruze"
  • One 14' Aire Cataraft "Ocelot"