Getting Here

The modern airport in the capital of Costa Rica in San Jose is served by many large carriers We are a local Turrialba based rafting company and our Rafting Trips typically begin and end in Turrialba. We can and do offer "private" transportation from San Jose for groups from 4 to 40 persons.

Vehicle fuel is expensive in Costa Rica; we use only "Tourist Approved" professional transportation, which adds cost to the trip which has nothing to do with the rafting. When cost is no factor, we have sent personal, private transportation to bring as few as two "high rollers" from their luxury hotel in San Jose and deliver them back in the late afternoon. Tourist approved vehicles are newer well maintained (2 mandatory government inspections per year), special permits renewed every month, ample insurance coverage, special licence plates to mention a few requirements. Our drivers must also meet high standards of health and licensing.

Whether or not you travel to Turrialba with us, a vehicle and driver as described above will be transporting you and you family or group from Turrialba to the river and back. We often encourage our clients to travel to Turrialba the day before the rafting trip and/or stay the night after the adventure. We have a variety of hotels, often cleaner, cheaper, more scenic than can be found in San Jose. See Loco's suggestions elsewhere on our sight.

The two ways that the majority of our clients travel to Turrialba is by rental or private car, or by public bus. Taking the Bus The Bus Service in Costa Rica is very good and reasonably priced. The buses depart on time! At 2:05 the 2:00 o'clock bus is long gone.

The Difference between Collective and Express (Direct) Bus Services: price: none

  • The Express bus has assigned seats when you purchase your ticket (deally in advance) certain buses/times depending on the day of the week sell out hours before departure.
  • Collective: first come, first seated, then standing room until a seat becomes available when a passenger gets off at one of the many stops.

Time: The Express (direct) bus makes very few stops. For example: San Jose to Turrialba: as little as an hour and a half at most two hours. Collective two to three hours, depending on time, traffic day of the week. On all buses there are overhead storage for "carry on bags" and a large storage compartment under the floor for big backpacks, suitcases, boxes etc. The Turrialba bus station in San Jose is located near the federal court buildings; Avenida 6, Calle 13. Any taxi knows exactly where it is.

Note: These schedules are correct as of September 1st. 2010. In Costa Rica things may change. The bus operator (Transtusa) has a web site (spanish only). You may download schedules for Transtusa route 302 below: (Bilingual) Spanish then English, for the San Jose to Turrialba (bus1pdf) or Turrialba to San Jose (bus2pdf).

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